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Acquavitta & Babalos - Time (Hans Zimmer Tribute) lyrics

From the moment you are born
You deliver a message to the world
The message is you, that child
It's the presence of an angel
A messenger from the infinite in a human body
The infinite, a total power
Creates a program just for you
And everything you need to be what you are is in the program
Every cell in your body is a universe of its own
It's intelligent, it's complete

What you are seeing and hearing right now
Is nothing but a dream
You're dreaming right now, in this moment
Dreaming is the main function of the mind
And the mind dreams twenty-four hours a day
It dreams when the brain is awake
And it also dreams when the brain is asleep
The difference is that when the brain is awake
There is a material frame
That makes us perceive things in a linear way
When we go to sleep we do not have the frame
And the dream has the tendency to change constantly
Humans are dreaming all the time
Before we were born
The humans before us created a big outside dream
That we will call society's dream
Or the dream of the planet

Cover: Acquavitta & Babalos - Time (Hans Zimmer Tribute)
  • Time (Hans Zimmer Tribute)

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  • 2020

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