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Andrew Huang - 5 Star Life lyrics

And we say [2x]
Fuck the who you know, just fuck around until they know you
'Til they wanna throw more money just so they can hold you
Nah, I'd rather stay in Seoul, drink this soju
Nomadic addict, I've had it, and man it's so true
They wanna own you, don't answer 'til you want to
Or maybe ’til you've got to
Dealing with some wild animals, man, no zoo
Whole coop got me feeling like Mugatu (I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!)

Daily grind, carpe diem
Don’t waste my time with your dm's
‘Cause ’til I hit the lion screen - mgm
I’m in the hills with coders with a taste for mdm, eh
I’m redefining prolific
And I’m broadening diverse
And according to my analytics the flyest since Icarus when I'm kicking a verse

Top of the world, touching the sky, that’s how I know I’m alive
Late to bed, early to rise, that’s how I made it to five star life

God is music, the temple is my laptop
Though if I'm honest I won't ever let these stacks stop
Like the abbott on the coal
Except I only want the truth, get the facts hot
Vending machine life
Button pusher, getting anything he likes
Sending transmissions for a penny
And again he's in the plenty, spending yen into the night
Ooh la la, what's it to ya
I put the boo-ya in Shibuya
All these Tokyo lights
And my flow so tight
You know they both glow bright
Do it for the love, and I do it for the suture
And when I give love, give it any way it suits her
Taking all these bullet trains, I'm headed to the future

Top of the world, touching the sky that’s how I know I’m alive
Late to bed, early to rise, that’s how I made it to five star life

Paint the whole picture, I don't need these 50/50s
Hit these new cities and I bring the business with me
Living to the fullest, well, I'm killing that
‘Cause if you win the rat race, well, you're still a rat
They keep telling me to stack that paycheck
But I would rather just backpack Eurasia
I've got dreams in my pockets and a heart full of songs
I think that I could go more wrong, come on
Cover: Andrew Huang - 5 Star Life
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  • 2015

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  • Apr 17, 2020 by Imil

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