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Cheyenne Giles & ZOOTAH ft. Mary Grace - Non Stop lyrics

It's a spiritual thing, it's expression
When the build up comes I can feel my soul get excited
And I get butterflies when the beat drops
Catch me out of the show and there's no chance in hell
That we gonna have a conversation
I'm gonna be too busy dancing
It's a drug, it's a high, an escape
All me and my girls wanna do when we get to the club is move
Straight to the floor, no talking
Non-stop, all night long [4x]

Bass lines are my muse, it makes music tangible
I can become the song, I am the wavelength
Your mind is the input and your body is the output
And the music is the energy
It's simple science, it's physics
Passion knows no pain
I can go for hours riding a dirty beat
Like, we all show up looking good as hell
But forget about it once the bass hits
It's non-stop all night long

Non-stop, all night long [3x]

Cover: Cheyenne Giles & ZOOTAH ft. Mary Grace - Non Stop
  • Non Stop

  • Year
  • 2020

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#8 Daily Dance/House

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