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Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves lyrics

Back in 1915, Albert Einstein gave the world the general theory of relativity
Which is based on the beautiful idea that gravity is nothing
Nut warps and curves in the fabric of space-time
Now, barely a year later he realized if space is flexible enough to warp
Then it should also be able to ripple, to vibrate, to undulate

And that would mean that if something were to jostle
The fabric of space-time, it should send out ripples in the fabric of space
And it's those ripples that we now call gravitational waves
For millenia we have explored the universe using waves of light
This discovery marks the opening of a new era
In which we will explore the universe using waves of gravity

Gravitational waves [2x]

Cover: Mark Sherry - Gravitational Waves
  • Gravitational Waves

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  • 2016

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