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NIK P & Half Human - Sphere lyrics

- Hey, I read somewhere that mathematicians can turn a sphere inside out
- Yes, that's true
- What's the big deal?
Just poke a hole in it and pull it through
- Sure, but the point is to do it without making a hole
- But then it seems impossible
- You're right, you cannot do it with an ordinary sphere like a basketball
You have to understand the rules of the game

Let me try again

This sphere is made of an abstract elastic material

That's an interesting idea
But you cannot rip or puncture this material without destroying it


Watch this

Now try this one


Let's see

Very good
Wasn't easy to follow, was it?

To figure out what's going on
Let's look at something simpler

Starting at zero
One, two, three, four
One, two, three

- Am I supposed to believe that you can turn a sphere inside out?
- Yes, there is something fundamental about curves
That would have to change
- And what's that?
- I'll explain

Cover: NIK P & Half Human - Sphere
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