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RageKick - Sulfur lyrics

My guilt and my shame always sell me short
Always feel the same
And my face and my soul always wear me thin
Always under control

But the longest hours you'll have in your life
Are the ones you sit through to know if you're right
So I'll wait, but I pray that I'm wrong
Because I think I know what's going on (what's going on [?x])

My guilt and my shame
Know what's going on
Buried life

(And my gods are untrue, I'm probably wrong
But I'm better than you
And the longest hours I've had in my life
Were the ones I went through to know I was right
So I'm safe, but I'm a little outside
I'm gonna laugh when I'm buried alive)

Stay, you don't always know where you stand
Till you know that you won't run away
There's something inside me that feels
Like breathing in sulfur [2x]

Buried alive
In sulfur

Like breathing in sulfur

Breathing in sulfur

Cover: RageKick - Sulfur
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  • 2020

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