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2pole - Sweeter lyrics

She winces at the kitchen table
Squeezes her thigh to bury the sting
And says: you know
I don’t think I was scared of death until i met you
Remind me, were you scared of time?

Folie a deux
It’s french for madness of two
It means that her blood’s not clean
And if you drink it
You’ll end up with the exact same sick, my friend
Don’t say I didn’t warn you
Her honeycomb’s sweet, but your sanity’s sweeter

One of you the tapeworm
The other is the sheep
And you can lead a sheep to answers
But you can’t make them think

Here’s the hot-lipped truth of it
Everyone's sad
Don’t think you’re special
Everyones got their own sludge

This is bona fide alchemy
Black magic shit

No need to panic
But in panic we trust
It always gets the job done

She eats the unlucky flies
Because she just wants you safe
Says: listen, I don’t mean to project
But I’m pretty sure we’re the only two people on this wretched planet
Who aren’t on fire

So why catch?
It’s so dangerous out there
Why go?
We have everything you could ever need in here

Pull the blinds, darling

The madness of two [3x]

Cover: 2pole - Sweeter
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  • 2019

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#3 Daily Techno

vocals from Savannah Brown's poem "Madness of two"

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