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Synthaya - Fractal Senses lyrics

And adds different entry points into the present moment
Present moment awareness means the thinking subsides
May not disappear completely
But something else arises that is primary
We call it presence or awareness

Part of the teaching and the function of the spiritual teacher

The main thing about it is presence, presence
And presence is this place of no thought
But presence can also be there in the background
Even when thinking is happening
You can still be not completely involved in the thinking
Thinking loses the ability to create havoc

Sense perceptions take you out of thinking
If you are not judging the sense perceptions
Labeling, naming, looking around
Anywhere, wherever you are look around

Practice sense perceptions without this compulsive interference
Of naming what if what you're perceiving

Cover: Synthaya - Fractal Senses
  • Fractal Senses

  • Year
  • 2020

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