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Subsidiary & Transcendent - Program And Control lyrics

What is it?
It lets you see the bigger picture

People think there's one reality but there's loads of them
Snaking off like roots and what we do on one
Affects what we do on other paths
There's messages in every game
Like Pac-Man, do you know what PAC stands for?
P A C, program and control
He's program-and-control-man
The whole things a metaphor
He thinks he has got free will but really he's trapped in a maze
All he can do is consume and he's pursued by demons
That are probably just in his own head
And even if he does manage to escape by slipping out one side of the maze
What happens he comes right back in the other side
People think it's a happy game
It's not a happy game, it's real and we live in it
It's all code
If you listen closely you can hear the numbers
There's a cosmic flowchart that dictates where you can and can't go
I've given you the knowledge
I've set you free

Program and control

Cover: Subsidiary & Transcendent - Program And Control
  • Program And Control

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  • 2020

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