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Phrantic ft. Last Word - Cutting Edge lyrics

We are pioneers of a new movement
Powered by an inner voice to break beyond
Visionaries that defy all rules no matter the odds against us
Unified as one of a kind we are claiming what's ours

This is the cutting edge

My flow is razor sharp
Breaking new ground
You better play your bar
We shut the place down

That's the cutting edge sound

Won't settle for second best
You know that greatness is the quest
Not aimless like the rest
Breaking new ground for the sound to the test

We do it like it's life or death
Do it till our final breath
Do it till there's nothing left
Bow to the best
The cutting edge

Cover: Phrantic ft. Last Word - Cutting Edge
  • Cutting Edge

  • Year
  • 2020

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#8 Daily Hardstyle

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