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X-Teknokore - Collateral Damage lyrics

Black soul, dead silence, dirty thoughts
Le roi est mort, vive le roi
Vive le roi
Kick drum, snare, melody, percussion, voice, hi-hats, bpm
Vive le roi
Dead silence

Who didn't miss me? [2x]
Vive le roi
X-Teknokore is finally back

X-Teknokore is finally back
The infinity infected this galaxy
This is the collateral damage
The new age has begun
Collateral damage, damage

Vive le roi, roi [2x]
Black soul, dead silence [2x]
Hardcore is hard, Terror is harder, Speedcore is the hardest, Hardcore is
Shut up and fuck your mother!

Fuck your mother! [2x]

My comeback is a f**king legacy
Thank you for your patience
The new age has begun

Cover: X-Teknokore - Collateral Damage
  • Collateral Damage

  • Year
  • 2020

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