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LTN & Cassidy Ford - Hurt Yourself lyrics

I'm dancing with a ghost
Dancing with a ghost and I don't care where it takes me
Hands around my throat
Going up in smoke just to let it suffocate me

I'm a paper doll playing with fire
Tightrope walker on a live wire
I can't be trusted when the lights go out
A little trigger happy living in a glass house

So lock up your shotgun
And leave me behind
You're gonna hurt yourself
If you've got any heart left
Run for your life
You're gonna hurt yourself
Don't drop your defenses
You're with me tonight
You're gonna hurt yourself
There'll be consequences when you close your eyes
You're gonna hurt yourself

You're gonna hurt yourself [3x]

Cover: LTN & Cassidy Ford - Hurt Yourself
  • Hurt Yourself

  • Year
  • 2019

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