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Deetox ft. Hess - My Revival lyrics

Welcome to the story of my second life
First I took the fall and now I take the rise
What knocked me down has given me a second chance
There must be a reason why I'm back again
I'm feeling so much stronger than I ever was
No power in the motherfucking universe can keep me down
[...] and now I'm free at last
I'm living in the moment not in the past

A second try has been given me
I appreciate life ahead of me
It got me straight to the core but I survived
I'm invincible

Bring me back to life
No it's not my time (not my time)
This is my revival

I will throw a spark
Lighting up the sky
This is my revival (revival)

My revival [3x]

Cover: Deetox ft. Hess - My Revival
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