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Skinjob - MAN (Mothers Against Noise) lyrics

Mothers against noise
Noise is music that chooses unpleasant, or painful
Or extremely loud or discordant sound
Noise is also a very dangerous musical trend
That is hellbent on destroying civilized culture
This anti-cultural movement is quickly sweeping the globe
And is very dangerous for our youth
Noise music cause ear and brain damage
Noise music embraces rebellion, violence, nihilism, escapism
Drugs, alcoholism, perversion, cult like organization

Many listeners do not realize the fact
That music is a powerful communicator of philosophy
In traditional music there is melody and notes that one can sing along to
In noise music the actual music part has become more and more debased away
From these standards and has slowly replaced them with a deprecation
And a discordant view on the world
This leaves the listeners mind, will, emotions, and actions affected adversely

Music is the foundation of culture
And these self proclaimed prophets seek on destroying
What little we have left to hold onto
We must arm ourselves with knowledge
And seek to shine light where there is only darkness
A lot of noise defenders will use excuses
That they are presenting alternatives to the established order, that is also rotten
But instead of trying to offer a well balanced alternative to the system
They seek on tearing it down

The noise scene is also structured a lot like a terrorist organization
They work in small numbers with no clear leader
And work feverishly on their music
Often self-releasing CDs
One thing is certain, we live in a society that seems to be ever changing
In reality what we are experiencing is merely a repeating of history

Just as with the industrial revolution and the explosion of the internet
Mankind's normal character has undergone a severe alteration
The root of this moral decay in society is rebellion
Capitalistic culture knows this, and manipulates it's system of marketing rebellion
If we don't stop this noise trend right now
It might just be the final step towards the complete collapse of culture

If all the elements of art are removed from art, the soul of a culture is dead
And that is exactly what noise is, the sound of a dead soul
Some noise musicians seem to think they are inside of the system
But either they are hiding their conspiracy
Or are unknowingly playing right into the game
Even though there is a conspiracy going on
Not everyone is aware that they are a part of it

Rebellion, violence, nihilism, escapism
Drugs, alcoholism, perversion, cult like organization

The sounds of a dead soul [2x]
Please look in your sons, or daughters rooms
And really take a look at the music and movies they are exposing themselves to
Mothers against noise
The sound of a dead soul

Cover: Skinjob - MAN (Mothers Against Noise)
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