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B Key - Real World lyrics

This street is my world
But I find more real in the world that I'm in
And the real world is the one I have to deal with everyday

You've got it stuck in your brain that I've murdered somebody
What do you wanna call me a murderer for?
I never killed anyone, I don't need to kill anyone!
I think it, I have it here!

Maybe I should have killed four or five hundred people
Then I would have felt better
Then I'd feel I really offered society something

Believe me, if I started murdering people
There'd be none of you left

There'd be none of you left

This street is my world

Cover: B Key - Real World
  • Real World / Enochian Keys

  • Year
  • 2004

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#3 Daily DnB

From an interview with the infamous cult leader Charles Manson (1934-2017).
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