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Unaverage Gang - Violence lyrics

(Ultraviolence [8x])

Yeah, I'm too deep in the past
So used to coming in last
Punk motherfucker come and step to my face
Fuck you up and I know that shit's about to change
Since I stepped in the game
Unaverage Gang is stuck somewhere ahead of their time
Fuck a fake friend that's in need of my time
You can suck a dick for hating on my grind
But it's alright
'Cause I got a couple niggas with me
That's been down for the count since jaws of the hound
All on my prowl, on this dick she gon' bounce
Couple accounts, used to sell by the pound
Hiding my problems, I'm drinking this Jack
And I know that Vague still got my back
Never been a rat, I'm still stating these facts
Repping U.A.V. Gang to the fucking max
Little bitch

(Ultraviolence [8x])

Uh, they thinking we trash
The haters hoping one day that will crash
Running off fumes hoping that I won't burst into flames from this flash
Crushing the past
Trying to straighten my life and not giving up, make it count
Not like my bank account
Tired of not getting love from my hometown
Now they be blowing my phone now
And it's alright
And I'm still giving love to the night
The sky gonna fall when I creep with the knife
Talking that shit and they paying the price
Yuh, hope that you'll see
The way that the demon been following me
Holding the key to the Exodus
Weight of the world and my soul gonna freeze

(Ultraviolence [8x])
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