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Unaverage Gang - Alaska lyrics

They been raising my emotions, I'm tripping off the potion
Getting the notion I'm going to hell
Stuck in the witch's nest casting a spell
Watching the Vatican Tapes on the deck
Messing with the demons and they eating the flesh
Unaverage Gang will lay you to rest
We got put to the test if we blessed
I'm refusing to die like a pest
Hearing your heartbeat come from the chest
Cold as Alaska on top of the crest
Been seeing you running from your fucking life
I know you been contemplating suicide
See the Blood dripping down my fucking eyes
Lost in the hollow, hear the praise to the fucking night
Rather be with two lions then a hundred sheep
Stuck for eternity and never see defeat

Bitch, I hope you know that we dying tonight
Send you to the bottom, meet you in the afterlife
Never overthinking shit I set it to the side
Listen to the legends as we coming from the sin
Coming with that ax and I'm chopping off your limbs
Go to to the den and I'm pulling the pin
Watch the explosion to show who it is
It is the reaper decides you exist
Listen to the psycho demons when they have to cry
Hold myself together, I will never live a lie
Got the chopper coming and aiming at your life
Fuck with the bullets, I would rather use a knife to fight
Don't cross the night without a light
U.A.V. coming to your city to provide
Swore to the devil I will never confide
Breaking the spirit, collecting souls of the prime

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