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Solstice - Final Melody lyrics

I don't see the sun

I don't pray anymore
I don't see the sun
I don't laugh at the pain
I don't hope for better days

My dreams taken away
If you only knew what I've been going through
If you understood my pain

Then you would know why
I've got tears in my eyes
I don't dream anymore
I can't see the light
I've surrendered my future
Darkness has taken over of my life

Because I've lost all faith

I don't laugh at the pain
I don't hope for better days
Because I don't see the sun

If you cared to ask
Why my days were blue
Maybe you'd understand my rage

Deep into my eyes
You would see
Deep into my life

And you

You don't see the sun

And you would know

Cover: Solstice - Final Melody
  • Final Melody

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  • 2019

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2 lyrics with the source Kyli Santiago - Lost All Faith
1 B-Front Beyond Reality Hardstyle 2017
Solstice 1 week, 4 days ago
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