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Bones - Backroads lyrics


Everybody worried 'bout their clothes now
Ain't nobody worried 'bout their flow now
The only one out here really throwing down
Turn the song loud, but I still hear no sound
No sound, rolling 'round downtown in the all black cloud
Punk on dope, sixteen, left home
Flashback to the snow, raised on the backroads
Chains on the tires but we still gon' slide
Sun coming up but we still gon' hide
Said we gon' ride till the day that we die
But that day came soon 'cause we all still alive

Friends turned strangers, life gets stranger
World starts changing but I gotta stay adjacent
Drink every day, smoke when it's raining
The things that we did back home in the basement

And I can't fall asleep
Without you laying here next to me
Cover: Bones - Backroads

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  • 2013

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#1 Daily Hip Hop/Rap

Samples the guitar riff from "One" by Metallica
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