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I Prevail - Goodbye (Interlude) lyrics

It was 2016, Pittsburgh
Back of the bus when I first heard
Ma gave me the first word
Ambulance at the house, said she's concerned
She goes to the door to investigate
Said it doesn't look good, feel her hesitate
Medics worked and they tried to resuscitate
By the time they arrived it was too late

Was your breathing getting shallow?
Was the darkness getting darker?
While the demons that you hide from
Held you underneath the water
I'm at a loss for words but you know it
Did you make it out to Mount St. Joseph?
I keep open doors that need closing
It's done nothing but let the cold in

You know I wouldn't mind
Coulda spent a little time
But I guess you made your mind up
Guess I'll never know the why
Or the pain you had inside
But it really fucks me up that

You never said goodbye [x3]
(You never said) [x2]
You never said goodbye
(You never said) [x2]

Cover: I Prevail - Goodbye (Interlude)
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  • 2019

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  • Apr 11, 2019 by Core

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