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Deff ft. Kevin Flum - Like Me lyrics

Fuck the feelings, I ain't dealing with 'em
There's plenty motherfuckers in my party when the niggas missing
It's a party when I visit, ain't nothing different but the bitches
I ain't even tripping, nigga
If I don't like you I'ma keep my distance
I ain't even speaking to them niggas
Nigga, I'm straight, but the reefer twisted
I'm just trying to hit the fucking reefer like I'm sleeping with it, nigga

I ain't worried 'bout niggas
Only ones to worry 'bout is ones that worry 'bout some niggas
I'm trying to make it to the finish
And I'm looking how I'm living, like somebody did some wishing
Yeah, bro, I'm so cold, I'm doper than white up your nose
You don't come close
Hoe, I'm a Texan, I openly flex like I'm striking a pose
'Cause my life's like a dream, I think I'm in a coma
Smoke marijuana, hope I don't wake up from it
I feel like a zombie, drink until I'm sick to my stomach
I'm a fucking monster, you niggas don't want it with Deff
You don't want stress with the niggas I rep to the death
Let me confess, I can't protect you
No, I can't save you, there's no "S" on my chest
There is no help
Nope, I ain't fuckin' helping
You just focus on the past, I'ma buy myself some presents
I ain't got no pressure
Gimme all the wealth to myself, nigga, I am feeling selfish
I do not regret it
Niggas lying since you met 'em, I'm just dying to forget 'em
Bitches know I'm big shit, I ain't gotta measure
Niggas know I'm real sick, I ain't feeling better
(I don't give a damn)

I don't give a damn what you say, motherfucker
I don't care if you don't like me
(I don't care if you don't like me)
You can look anywhere, motherfucker
You will never find another nigga like me
(Find another nigga like me)

Yo, you 'bout to learn some shit
And I hope that you pay attention
You can "@" me, bro
The next time that you trying give my name a motherfucking mention
A mere slice of the pie I ain't having that
The way I'm fucking with the ink ,you think I have a tat
If it's see through let me get a dab of that
Probably faded with your woman in a Cadillac
Got sativa, got the indica
And I'll probably call her up if I'm into her
Last night she made sure that I remember her
But I'll never ever trust a hoe, so I'ma end it first
Fuck this, fuck that, my attitude is like this
Roll a couple up and then I spit some nice shit
I'm keep it up like the fucking night shift
Please hand over that fucking license

You rookies really really need a hand
You fairly fairies need a Peter Pan
You thirsty bitches need a liter and
You need to fuck off and go feed your fam
You need to stop wishing and make it happen
Not everybody gonna make it rapping
Not everybody gonna see the vision
And I made it far without team decisions

And you try to stay afloat but the tide strong
I live a life where I be doing all the right wrongs
All the wrong things for the right reasons
I gotta spread my wings 'cause it's flight season
Let's go

Hey, I don't give a damn what you say, motherfucker
I don't care if you don't like me
Hey, you can look anywhere, motherfucker
You will never find another nigga like me

I don't give a damn [7x]

Cover: Deff ft. Kevin Flum - Like Me
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