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Bones - IAmCertainlyNotWorthYourTime (ЯОпределенноНеЗаслуживаюТвоегоВремени) lyrics


Your mixtape need a laugh track, I'm past that
Tell your manager, take his check and go cash that
He gonna need it, hope that he just save it
Rainy days are coming, 'cause your gimmick is fading
I picture Eden in my head and hope one day I get to visit
A place with no stealing, killing, no diamonds or digits
No barely swimming fishes in the creek, they don't fit in
Drain the water, have a feast to me, you really just dinner
All y'all pitiful, look at all y'all benefit off
Of taking another style to pass as original
I'm a whole different animal, I am me to a fault
Showed the world my worst traits and kept the best in a vault
It's like a dark obsession, with never showing my all
I am the man behind the curtain making shapes on the wall
I am the man behind the curtain making shapes on the wall


I pulled the sword from the stone
I saved the village in Rome
I travelled back to 30 BB, that's way before Bones
I fought off hordes of orcs, swingin', slingin' swords of force
Lighting up my copper torch, it's easy like the Commodores
The missing gear is I, shinin' while I wait to die
They talk shit until they see me, then they can't decide
They look into my eyes and see a rather awful shine
They cannot quite put their finger on why I am not alright
Well join the club, answer's something I would love
But I don't think I'll ever get a reply like I'm signing off
I'm sliding off with something fucked inside the blunt that got me
Cashed every day, do not depend on me for nothing (what?)
(-depend on me for nothing, what?)

Cover: Bones - IAmCertainlyNotWorthYourTime (ЯОпределенноНеЗаслуживаюТвоегоВремени)
  • Carcass (Скелт)

  • Year
  • 2017

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