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Kevin Flum - Sharkeisha lyrics

Yo, fuck the tags, we ain't doin' that
(SuperStaar B-b-b-beats)
Beat the beat up, you can call me Sharkeisha
Yeah, huh

Who the hell are you when you not yourself? [2x]
Yo, think about it for a second

I'mma get live, boy, like Fox News
You thought I quit, well I got you
I’m coming up with Lemdog
We get it jumping like ten frogs
Adidas on, so I’m striped
You get left, I go right
My shelltoes is snow white
And if you be hating, then you have no life
You have no life
You are so f'ing irrelevant
Your girlfriend text me, and sent me her residence
Hopped in the whip, pocket full of dead presidents
Like getting cash is my preference
Get it so easy, it’s effortless (easy, it's effortless)
I get what you never get (get what you never get)
I’m getting this money and getting these women
I put the bar up with some excellence

Most of these rappers are phony
They rap about stuff that they don’t even really possess
I just be cooling and doing my thing
And nobody is touching me, so I don’t stress
I do not stress, you won’t see me break a sweat
You won’t see me fake respect
You just be mad like you taking a tech
And I got the hookup like I’m paying the ref

I'mma just take me a breath
Scrape up a dab and get up
I can not locate a fuck
This beat I will OJ it up
And I promise I’m balling, I won’t lay it up
I shoot from the three
Hit it with higher percentage
I think that I’ve earned a pennant
Ask me if I’ve heard the message
Well yes sir I have, and I’m never stressing
I’m blessed

Got to get it off of my chest
I’m gonna give it all till my death
I’m that white kid that you’ve heard about
And it’s time for this to be next
Getting commission
Like I don’t have a decision
You hitting and missing
I’ll hit with precision
Most seek the treasure, but won’t find a mission
I don’t even get it, I don’t

Keep a few tricks up my sleeves of my coat
Keep a few L’s packed, and they rolled
Got a few things in my phone and they fiends
They calling me “Kevin, you got what I need?”
Yes, yes, yo, absolutely
Lose my shit when I chat with Lucy
You know I stay fresh like a pack of juicy
Couldn’t get more cliché
But you know you gotta keep it running on the replay
Do not really care about what he say
Wanna get my money easy like it’s cheesecake
Probably with my homies and we pass it like a relay
Uh, yo, yuh, yuh
You talkin' that shit, we'll CTRL-ALT-Delete ya
Yeah [3x]
I beat the beat up, you can call me Sharkeisha

(Ooh, Sharkeisha
Oh my God, Sharkeisha, Sharkeisha, no
Don't, don't kick her, Sharkeisha, don't kick
No, don't kick her, no
Cover: Kevin Flum - Sharkeisha
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