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Unaverage Gang & Schizo - Final Overdose lyrics

Devil livin' inside of me
It's one too many friends that been doubting me
Is your heart filled with hate, man? It’s gotta be
Do I gotta fuckin' kill myself for y’all to notice me?
Like fuck, what does it take?
When I was born, was it a mistake?
When I was down, you said it’s okay
You say that I’m great but I’m mentally drained
I don’t wanna sound like this, I don’t wanna live like this
So close to being done with this shit, I’m collecting my chips
Too many people that’s counting on me
That I gave a them reason to live
I don’t wanna let y’all down
But I feel like I’m stuck in the ground
I just wanna make y’all proud
But honestly I just feel like I’m dying right now

Will you let me fall asleep, and let me rest peacefully?
Do they even care at all? Rather watch me burn and fall

Cold sweats, I’m trynna hold steady
Heavy chest with with that Glock ready
Got a open mouth where the barrels barrels buried
Try to hold it down but I’m scared of it
Life’s short as a coke addict
Couldn’t keep me back with a straight jacket
I got no pain with bad habits
Rather sniff lines than to snap back

Rather burn and die before they see me fall
Rather close eyes and embrace the dark
I don’t know if I’m ready for the war
I just think that I want to end it all

Emotions are so bottomless, the pain is just so dominant
No one here to save me, 'cause I’m not really that prominent
What I got to prove?
Always helping others even though I always lose
I never get the help I need, and don’t know what I do

Running through all the motions, facin' off all my problems
Followed through on devotion, I never learned how to solve 'em
The path I’m on I see will never change
My mind and heart is in the dirt, I don’t find it so strange at all

Cover: Unaverage Gang & Schizo - Final Overdose
  • The Final Overdose

  • Year
  • 2018

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