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Gizmo - Purple People Eater lyrics

Do you hear those horns man?
They call me, I'm the barbarian
I'm the top motherfucking head chief of this motherfucking...

Bitch, I'm the one eyed one horned flying purple people eater
Consuming rappers and leechers, I'm not a human
The creature inside your eyes like a sleeper
No more features, Smoke-a-cheaper, I want her then I want leave her
Indecisive, where my weed at?
I just smoked this bitch and suck on my dick
But all the mouth do is nothing but talk bout relationships
I'm sorry I can't meet your parents, I'm always off of the shits
Every day I need a zip, and then I'm lazy as shit
But I'm still working on my art, I'll never need me a label
They hit me up I tell them "Fuck off, eat a dick and get railed"
Staying true to what I say, I'm independent
You frail, you always destined to fail if you following my tail
(Hey) I'm a chameleon, bitch I make my own colors
Every rapper out here it sounds like they making no discovers
Every day I'm lit as fuck, I'm making music with my brothers
We don't give a fuck, bitch, you won't even want other
Bitch, gimmie pack or limited
Pop a snacks and just enough stacks to make me feel relaxed
You know I don't need a flex, I think all this shit is wack
If you catch you slipping let me know, I don't know how to act

Bitch, I'm the one eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater
One eyed, one horned, flying purple people eater [3x]
Cover: Gizmo - Purple People Eater
  • Barbarian

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  • 2017

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Not to be confused with DJ Gizmo.
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