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Bones - WhateverYouDoDontLookHimInTheEyes lyrics

365 nights, I'm here now
I feel a lot of things but I don't feel fear now
The oak crack and the entrance appear now
I'm taking you to where I know the world won't hear now

Never worry about the shit you say, they say
I do my thing and leave their heads spinnin' like beyblades
Waking up and roll, repeat till the daybreak
I'd rather be inside, the world don't feel the same way

No connection, I can see you lagging
I'm fy_iceworld, cooling, relaxing
Lagging, you freezing
Never gave a fuck before but now you reaching

Now the world keep calling me
Locked door, plotting more, planet don't bother me
Want to be like us but they don't wanna take the chances
There's nothing to this shit just shut your eyes and let 'em have it
Still the fucking best in town
I hit the dope then do the mess around
We smoke 14 then leave the rest around
Drugs in every room, never ever running out

Chlorella tabs consume until I'm cashed
Don't take my words, the ingredients' on the back
Died then I thrived like Galileo
Now they all believe what they use to hate so
I guess the joke's on you
I see right through


Cover: Bones - WhateverYouDoDontLookHimInTheEyes
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