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The Outside Agency - Locker Room Talk lyrics

That was something that uh, happened
How did this happen man?
And when you're a star, they let you do it (uh, I don't know what he said)
You can do anything (I don't remember)

I am, a person, who
Has great respect (sit down)
For the people, for my family, for the people of this country

Gram 'em by the pussy
Gram 'em by the [8x]
(Do we want someone with that kind of character?)
(With that kind of careless language, my goodness)
(That happened in junior high, are we not way above that?)
(Would we not all be worried?)
Pussy [?x]

I got my eye on you, pussygrabber


Grab 'em by the pussy
Who the hell said that?


Pussy, grabber
I'm looking at the facts (pussy)
We don't know what's in his mind (pussy)
And I suspect he doesn't know what's in his mind (pussy)
He's uh, has no known political positions
He is all over the map in his comments

He's basically a showman
The most predictable aspect is unpredictability
I think it's dangerous
An ignorant, thinskinned megalomaniac
He'll shake up the system in bad ways
Very dangerous

Pus [4x]

Pussy [2x]
Pus [2x]
Money grabber


Take a look at his proposal
More fossil fuels, eliminate regulations
Even coal
Sit down
Refused promised payments to countries trying
To move to sustainable energy

Money [3x]
Sit down

Pussy- grabber
Pussy [2x]
Gra- [3x]


Pussygrabber [2x]

It's certainly a radical setback
Sometimes it's a line that goes like this
It goes
And then just goes straight down for four fucking years!
The only reason he ran
Is because his factory in China made too many red hats!
We're fucked
I'm out
Good luck with your healthcare assholes

You combat it by being an educator
By trying to educate, and organize
And bring people to understand that they should
Use their critical intelligence to evaluate what they read
Whether it's in the mainstream media or on some site they are looking up
No other way
Cover: The Outside Agency - Locker Room Talk
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There's excerpts from the Donald Trump Access Hollywood tape, as well as his second presidential debate with Hillary Clinton and a press conference in Dubuque, Iowa in 2015 (the 'sit down!' lyric).
The Rand Paul quote is from a GOP Presidential Debate in 2015.
The Key & Peele quotes are from their show, in particular S05E11.
The Noam Chomsky quotes are from an interview he did with Al Jazeera's UpFront Special.
2 lyrics with the source Noam Chomsky
1 Mystic Primitive World Hardstyle 2020
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