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Mom - Warped Tour lyrics

You're 15,000 tiny bugs
And you should crawl into my pores
Dissolve into my blood
And not do nothing anymore
From the inside you might find
What my body is for
Can you show me?

It's the turn of time that grinds
The stone down to sand
I want to grind you down
Between my teeth and my hand
I wanna be your best friend or just
Eat you whole and keep
All your bones trapped
Inside me

I've got no shape
And no skeleton
It's just an illusion

I've got no hair
And no brain
And no skin
I'm just a mouth and the
Burning desire to push you in

I want to chew and bite and grind
I want to do it all the time
I can't get you off my mind
You're like sugar slime and I
Love you

Cover: Mom - Warped Tour
  • Year
  • 2014

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