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Hostage - Broken Septum lyrics

- Listen, let's get this straight
I did not save you because I care
I saved you because you have intel on Berlin
I want a name
- You bitch
- Oh, I don't know, Tom
From where I'm sitting, you look like the bitch to me

- Have you spied on others?
Is this what you do?
- Yes, no, I don't remember
- I want a name, what bank?
- Monarch Douglas in Warsaw, it's where Berlin keeps his money
- What about accounts, names of shell companies?
Did you murder Jolene Parker?
What do you know about Reddington?
- I don't know
- What do you know about Reddington?

Cover: Hostage - Broken Septum
  • Broken Septum

  • Year
  • 2016

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From the TV-Series "The Blacklist", S02E08 "The Decembrist".

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