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Desnar - Criminal lyrics

Good God
I'm a criminal

I'm a criminal
And criminal's are notorious liars
Everything about me is a lie
Good God, I'm a criminal

Kill her! Pull the trigger! Do it now!
- Don't do it.
Do you hear me?!
Shoot her!
- Please
This man... he take everything from me!
For what? For nothing
For money... business
He snaps his fingers and my life was...
- Well, that simplifies matters
Just the three of us
Put the gun down before you do something you'll deeply regret
I'm the one you want
Good God, I'm a criminal [6x]

Cover: Desnar - Criminal
  • Criminal

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  • 2015

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Vocals are sourced from the pilot episode (S01E01) of the TV Show 'The Blacklist' and the final episode of season 1 'Berlin: Conclusion' (S01E22)

4 lyrics with the source The Blacklist
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