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$uicideboy$ - FUCKTHEPOPULATION lyrics

All of this pussy the Devil
All of this cash is the Devil
All of this xans is the Devil
All of these pills is the Devil
All of this lean is the Devil
I won't go to Heaven, nah [5x]

Bitch, I be that broke boy
Two scripts half full make a full script
Means I'm running out
Bitch, I be a hoe toy
Making two bad bitches bashful
Coming out they nutshell
Pass me the rag, fool
Bitch, I be that dope boy
Smoke cash, ash snowing on the broke glass
Throat slashed, now I gotta blood-soaked rash
Go bash in a fuck boy's skull wearing no mask
Toe tag, make the rope last, don't ask
All of my vices the Devil
Fuck all this nice shit, I meddle in murderous temptation
Roll up the windows and push down the pedal
Burn a cigarette in my wrist that's 7th Ward shit
Fuck a bitch, then dip
No tint, gas tank on E
6-4 Impala at the bottom of a cliff, bitch

All this heron is the Devil
All these Xanax is the Devil
All of these murders the Devil
All of these hoes is the Devil
Bitch, I am the Devil
The Devil and I can't go to Heaven, nah
I can't go to Heaven, nah [4x]

Keeping it packing with a hundred rounds
Keep them dead bodies all on the ground
Posted in Memphis at Orange Mound
TA rolling the loud when we come around
Smoking and drinking, I ain't never thinking
Popping them pills till I'm under the cement
Six hundred sixty-six, smoking that reefer
If you looking for dope, boy, I got it for cheaper
New Orleans crypt keeper, the killer, the creeper
Believe me that demons are real once you see us
Fuckboys wanna be us, the hoes wanna please us
Ask in yo' city, they'll tell you I'm Jesus
The motherfuckin' Anti Christ
$uicide, we anti-life
Bitch, don't make me tell you twice
That I can't go to Heaven, nah
Cover: $uicideboy$ - FUCKTHEPOPULATION
  • My Liver Will Handle What My Heart Can't

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  • 2015

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