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$uicideboy$ - $moke A $ack lyrics

This a $crim beat
DJ $crim with that 808
Hey $crim can ya turn that up a bit please?
Yeah, yeah that's better
Uh, 7th Ward
Oddy Nuff da Snow Leopard
Smoking hash, spending cash
Alright let's go

If smokin' weed makes you dumb
Then why not get some brain when you smoke that blunt?
Run it up, fill it up, roll it up, light it up
Pass it over here 'cause I only hit it once
Don't let it run
I'm blowin' smoke rings while you bitches overdosing on my nuts
Two bad bitches die
Break which one of that block?
Oh, well lets roll another up
Yep, I harvest all my crystals like Apartheid
Look like diamond diamonds on my weed, it make the gar shine
But it could be just the promethazine we painted on the door side
Slowly burnin', movin' slowly
Hurlin', fuck, I'm fucked up
Smokin' fuckin' blunts
Eyes redder than the cherry paint on my fuckin' car
Bitch please, the way we movin' we ain't goin' far
This that shit that chill you out, if you is gettin' buck
Smoked too much of that and all you can say is 'what the fuck?'
What the fuck? You look like my grandma
This weed must be too good
Shit son, you buggin' me out
Maybe I should've bought you some Reggie Bush
Get the image, my weed look like Grimace
Pro at procrastinating, I'm a menace
So high I look like I just left the dentist
Smokin' that weed that I bought from a chemist

You can rent it if you can't afford it
I guess
I mean, what you can have me do is get a payment plan going
It's up to you man

That right, you know it
You know it, wooh
Fucky boi, leggo

Got a sack of that dope
Smokin' it with couple bitches laid back
Getting throat while I'm blowin' on that Swisher
Double cup, pour it up
Take that Actavis and a Swisha
Got these bitches catchin' nut
This that old school triple six
Yeah, ridin' slab, been the corners
Blowin' sacks of marijuana
Poppin' pills, poppin' Somas
Then hit the dope till I'm in a coma
Smoke a sack, smoke a sack
Take that dope straight to your head
Smoke a sack, smoke a sack
It's G*59 until I'm dead
Backpack with that work
Got that heroin or that cocaine
Sack fat, got them grams
Dirty D with that work, mane
Backpack with that work
Heroin or that cocaine
Sack fat, got them grams
Dirty D with that work, mane

Cover: $uicideboy$ - $moke A $ack
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