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Gizmo - Common Sense lyrics

All the foolishness you say goes right through me
Like the ghost next to me, who's he?
Just another lost soul
I've learned a few things that you don't wanna know
Oh, you can keep thinking it matters
I'll watch you consume and consume till you're fatter
Blow all your money until your dreams shatter
You hung your own noose, all I did was kick the ladder
Now I'm back up in this bitch like I rose from the dead
I'm fuckin' pale as shit, still ya bitch gimme head
But I ain't fuckin' bitches, I got weed to smoke instead
Rappers pack led but won't live up to what they said
This ain't High School Musical but rappers love actin'
You can't even rap, you only famous for your fashion
Stupid ass shit all up on your neck flashing
Instagram full of videos, you money stacking, you slacking
I'm constantly thinking 'bout work
You came from the suburbs I rose from the dirt
Shit, blood and sweat stained on all my fucking shirts
You say that I'm the best, I don't know my own worth

I think that I'm shit (I think that I'm shit)
I don't see the point (I don't see the point)
Why do I live? (why do I live)?
Shit, I'm 'bout to flip a coin (flip it, aye)

I remember growing up, the kids at school bullied me
I just liked to rap, I didn't understand, why me?
Now I got my vision pieced together I can fully see
All those kids grown up and way too pussy to try me
You can take an L and live your life without purpose
I wanna break this bubble and I swear I’m at the surface
Everybody's got the same views, shit, I've heard it
And I just wanna know, if I kill myself is it worth it?

You don't fuckin' learn
Move out the way, it's my turn
Oops, I spilled gasoline, you might just burn
Get what you deserve, I'll get what I earn
Cover: Gizmo - Common Sense
  • Common Sense

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  • 2017

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Not to be confused with DJ Gizmo.
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