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Seven Lions - Lucy lyrics

I started seeing all these strange colors
I definitely could see Mars in the sky
But it looked like a floating jellyfish, a red one

The sidewalks were melting
The trees were melting
Trippin' balls

Strange distortions, user disoriented
It's the result of a new drug originally developed virtually accidentally
A Swiss chemist named Albert Hoffman
Created the first synthesis of the drug in 1938
Lysergic Acid Diethylamide
It's LSD-25

It comes in liquid and powder forms
It's odorless and has no taste
Every user so far have become psychologically dependent on it
Differing from alcohol or heroin, which are depressants
They report experiencing terrorizing visions of ghoulish creatures
Resulting in panic attacks, anxiety, depression
The greatest danger this drug presents is the psychological effect
It has on the user (the user [?x])

Look at these poor fucks
They have no idea what's about to hit them
The hammer of God

Lysergic Acis Diethylamide
It's LSD-25

I defintely could see Mars in the sky
But it looked like a floating jellyfish

Cover: Seven Lions - Lucy
  • Lucy

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  • 2014

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