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Ghostemane - Heaven's Gate Has The Best Punch lyrics

So you thinkin' you a edgy motherfucker with yo' been trill
No rent to pay and yo granny got yo' phone bill
These motherfuckers twenty-two, live like they sixteen
Ain't nothin urban 'bout a outfitter hypebeast, no identity
Sittin' 'round re-tweetin' tweets
From your favorite rapper you found out about like last week
Keep it trendy like a pussy bitch you oughta be
The schema, the posse puttin' all yo fans to fuckin' sleep

(Planet Earth is about to be recycled
Your only chance to - survive - or evacuate, is to leave, with us)

So once you hit eleven likes you a king
Pussy be beggin' for you, I see
I bet you pick up on my sarcasm so easily, easily
Bury yo' head in the ground and then don't come out
Better sort your fuckin' life out
There's more to life than hittin' synthetic drugs till yo lights out
When I was a kid, on my bus, I got a bible
Was told to read it
I took it home to my pops, he threw it in the trash and yelled
"Don't you even"
That begun my life as a heathen
Questioning everything
Especially trends, among other shit, keepin' the population contained

(The mind that was in Jesus
That mind is in me
I know what I just said
I said, I am the return of the Son of my Father
I'll tell you something that's even more remarkable
My Father came with me - this time)

Shit don't mean a thing
If you got no money, no pussy, no weed
Long as you got eleven likes, you won't lose any sleep
Shit don't mean a thing
If you got no man, no cash, oh well
Long as you got eleven likes you won't hate yourself
Cover: Ghostemane - Heaven's Gate Has The Best Punch
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