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Bones - ForceQuit lyrics

I don't know, dope got me off
I don't really feel myself, -self, -self
No hope, dying, but I won't
Still holdin' on for whatever reason I don't, don't
Give it up, no, I can't let it go
Been a victim too many times, I can't cope
Conversate with too many walls, too many ghosts
Don't know how to speak to a human in the world
Breathin' and leavin' these blunts I have rolled
Cashed in the tray, got that smoke in my throat
Chokin', still rolling, that buck knife I'm holdin'
It's 4 in the morning, no, Bones is not snoring
I'm blending in with the shadows
I'm moving swiftly down your alley
My mind, I can't control sadly
So be careful when you walkin' past me
White noise, echo in my head 24/7
Static brain, pixelated chain, reach and you finished
In your face like the dentist if bitches wanna come near me
I got that equalizer reach, you deceased if you hear me


There is no stoppin' Deadboy when he droppin'
Since Rotten been cursed with a virus unknown
I glow in the dark, end you before you start
Open your chest, put a SESH on your heart

What? [2x]
Stop, bitch

Cover: Bones - ForceQuit
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