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Bones - IndecisiveBrainOfMine lyrics

Used to really want it till I got it, now I don't want it no more
Feel like I'm frozen, glitchin' and smokin', now I live in slow-mo
I'm the one hurting me, I am not worth a thing, to me at least
Or so it seems, I don't deserve a me

Shut my eyes and see a perfect world I don't belong, -long,- long
Try my best sometimes but still forever wrong, wrong, wrong

Blunt to my lips, all my people pistol grippin'
Put you on the list only if your ass trippin'
Bitch, you ain't livin', you barely getting by
Hopin' every night like 'I hope life go alright'
You a f**kin' clone, a carbon copy
Around here you get no play, no other option
I'ma put a bomb on you and whoever you ride with
You always said you wanted to blow up, well perfect timing

Cover: Bones - IndecisiveBrainOfMine
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