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Bones - XLR lyrics

Motherfuck today, bitch, I'm waiting on tomorrow
D-19 reppin', where you die or get offed
Lost in the woods, keep a weapon in the car
Or get left near the railroad, the forest is your morgue
Addiction off the richter, feeling like I'm Dave Navarro
Motherfuck today, bitch, I'm waiting on tomorrow
Settin' off alarms, fire storm without warnin'
Tell me 'tone it down', don't ever hear it, bitch, I'm in the moment
Reaper forever sittin' right by me
Waitin' until it's perfect timing
I'm in full 360 surveillance, that bitch will never get to me
He know what the consequence is when you steppin' to me

What's the deal?
How you feel?


God damn, hot damn, hotter than a frying pan
Put me on the stove, don't touch me
I'm 'bout to fly and go to Russia
Привет to the rubles I'm touchin'
Bust it, forever used to nothin', gunnin' till the day we ain't hungry
Fuck it, can't recite a verse of Marvin Gaye, then I don't trust you
Buggin', used to white truck it, rust in my cuts can't stomach
Someone cue the violence bleeding from my eyelids
Nosferatu in the dungeon
Super 8 film burn, dissipate my features
Can't make out who is it that's creepin'
Fall with the night turn you to ash without a light
Show you the past I project out my hands at your eyes
Feel it in your spine, these memories are alive
As for you, I am pleased to say it's your time

What's the deal?
How you feel?

Cover: Bones - XLR
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