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Bones - Inferno lyrics

Act like you runnin' the game (game)
Bitch, you ain't runnin' a thing (thing)
The day that we face to face (face)
You will end up running away (away)
You ain't got nothin' to say (say)
Yellin' but I don't hear rage
Bones come down like the rain
Flood your whole section, SESH wash 'em away
Say your last words quick
Hit the fast forward, bitch
Show you what this earth is like without you in it (what?)
Salute or get booted, bitch I'm the Lieutenant (ah-ah)
You gettin' breakfast, I'm finishing dinner (what?)
We on two whole different schedules
Kickin' back while you stressin' 'bout a contract (contract)
Erase your memory after first contact (contact)
From a place you wouldn't fathom harbors life
Where all is dead and everyday look just like night (just like night)

You done fucked up
Thinking that you can fuck around with the team
You done fucked up
Thinking that you can get away from me

You done fucked up

Cover: Bones - Inferno
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