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Bones - YouAreNowBeingWatched lyrics

Back with that brand new shit (shit)
Blade with the handsewn grip (grip)
No, I won't cut ya bitch (bitch)
No, I don't want your bitch (bitch)
Promise you don't want no shit (shit)
Blind from the sunshine wrist (wrist)
Tired from the moonlight diamonds shinin' off my chest
I hide it, no, never, it's out in the winter
Catching the snow, smokin', watchin' it glimmer in slow-mo (-mo)
If we close to low, I get up and hit the store
We pullin' out for the cause, we slidin' back up with dope


Bones to the front, hair to the back (back)
SESH forever last like nobody in the past (past)
Did before, they crawlin' when we flow (flow)
Reachin' for the team, got em drowning in a moat (moat)
Lower the draw bridge, whoever's in arms length
Is getting napalm sprayed for like infinite days
Got infinite rage, turn to jin on a stage
Tekken live when we show up in your city and state
Coat rippin' from the wings growing outta my back
Head down in a stance like I'm about to attack
They lookin' winded, Bones fine, I'm just doin' some laps
I was workin' on my craft when my friends all left
I was 15 then, now just look how time passin'
Turned a moldy mattress to a scumbag castle
How he do that? I call it Deadboy magic [2x]

Cover: Bones - YouAreNowBeingWatched
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