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Bones - Suppressor lyrics

Breeze flow through the trees
I was with the team rollin' Cutlass Supreme
The light turned red and I noticed in the rear view
An El Camino with a windshield so dark I couldn't see through
I quickly reached for my strap, I never hesitated to lay a punk on his back
Drew got the gauge and Soup got the mac
We will have a blast for days and you know that's a fact
The light turned green, now we takin' a left
They take a left too, I ain't convinced yet
Without takin' a breath I said "now B, take a right"
As they followed our lead I said "it's on, alright"
It was a, a night like none other

A night like none other

Now everybody in the whip gettin' ready for shit
Jesus slappin' on a vest creek, stackin' the clips
All doors open up, boots touch the ground
As we walk towards the El Camino, they get out
Hooded up, masked up, they walk towards us
One step before the rest and spins the barrel of his gun
Before it got to stop all you heard was "pop pop"
Young Bones had to turn them motherfuckers to rock
It was a, a night like none other

A night like none other [2x]

You know who it is
Back from the mothafucking dead, Bones

Cover: Bones - Suppressor
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