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Bones - BrokenTrees lyrics

Everybody wanna smoke, but don't wanna get high
Everybody wanna live, but nobody wanna die
Everybody wanna flow, but all they fuckin' do is rhyme
Everybody wanna know, how I got so fuckin' tight
No school, lotta drugs, ten gram worth of Backwoods
Bitch, I got it bad, so it's hard for me to act good
Amethyst rings, rare rocks help me breath
Inhale, blow the smoke like a candeline breeze
No keys, no keys, I ain't pushin' what you think
Everytime I hear your music, make it hard for me to think
No strap, no blade, still I take your life away
Never smile, always high, way higher than you think
Black granite on my sink, white marble on the counter tops
Livin' so lavish, open doors when I fuckin' knock
Runnin up the fuckin' block, dope up in my fuckin' sock
Stop, go to fuckin' cops, but I keep bookin' and never stop

Let me breathe, I just need some time just so
So I can think, I just need some space, baby
Now what you think? Me and you forever
Be a dream, whatever you need, tell me
Whatever you need, tell me
I can try my best to get it for you

Cover: Bones - BrokenTrees

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  • 2013

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