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Promo - Foul Behavior lyrics

There's a lot out here man
Falsifying truths [2x]

You know what I mean
Out here in the streets
Talking about they got this, they got that

Yo man
I'd be doing analysis of cats, right

A person that will lie to the people
And the people will love him
And they - and he lead the people in the wrong direction
Knowing he lying to them
That's a dangerous man

Right, right
You know what I'm saying
It's like cats don't know who they are inside
Like they got a complex with themselves

Yeah like individuals I know for a fact gon' get busy
Like they get busy and know that ain't them in truth

It's serious
Turn me up

No [?x]
No creativity in the game no more

Aight y'all
Let's go!

No creativity in the game no more
No [?x]
No creativity in the game no more
It's the same old bore

Aight y'all
Let's go!

Imma punish the game towards foul behavior

And that's why the game is shut down (uh, tell 'em)
In 2001 I shut it down with music

I'm still standing
You got something to say?

Aight y'all
Let's go!

I'm the one kidding the bizz
They keep their eyes on
Me, superman

And it won't happen till peep get focussed

Like they get busy and they know that ain't them in truth

No [?x]
No creativity in the game no more
Just the same old bore
Cover: Promo - Foul Behavior
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2 lyrics with the source Erick Sermon - Relentless
1 Pan Pangenetor Lifelong Dreams Hardcore/Gabber 2005
djhandedout 6 years, 9 months ago
One source is Erick Sermon - Relentless. I'm not sure about the correctness of some parts in the intro, so I let someone else figure that out. I'd guess the source is some interview with Erick Sermon
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