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$uicideboy$ - I Hung Myself For A Persona///Now I'm Up To My Neck With Offers lyrics

I been itching for a plot, yeah
But ain't no waving cannons on my block, no
7th Ward Lord take a shot, yeah
I'ma keep my head down (I don't give a fuck)

Switching scripts, they're never in the same spot, yeah
Fuck this music shit, I'm itching for a plot, yeah
Ain't no- ain't no fucking digits on my clock, no
I ain't one of y'all just let me rot, yeah

I was just with Peep in London
Still feel like I don't exist at all, no
Fuck this social gathering
I'ma smoke a square out in the fucking hall, oh

They told me watch out for the snakes
But they forgot about the plague
And the AK, and with Lil Remains [2x]
Lil Remains

($carecrow [4x])

Ate a couple jiggas with that Glock on my side
Riding, hanging out the window, screaming "who wanna die?"
Savage lil addict with 100 bad habits
Say "I need prayer", all I need is my ratchet

Pull up, swang with the blade
Then I pray over dead prey
Banging grey till my grave
Milli rock, "sak pase?"
What that mean? I don't know
Took about four Xans today
Sipping lean, dying slow
Drugs make me feel okay

Jackal from the flames, make a stang of a bitch like you
Fuck the 12, fuck the cops, we ain't forgot about you
Kill 'em all [2x]

Gleesh walk on a sack
Burn a half a mil in cash
Fuck that paper, turn it ash
Walk away and start to laugh "ha-ha-ha-ha ha-ha"
No more, I got cash, cash, cash, and cars and broads
Hit that seven figure mark without an A&R
$carecrow walking in the fog
Life got worse than it was before, ho

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