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Bones - WhatAShame lyrics

I admit I emit negativity
Cancel out the positive, replace it with the enemy
I was hopeless back at 17
Till I made a mark, I made it hard to not remember me
Now I'm cashed instead of tweaking, see
We drove 35 minutes, passed Pinckney for the G
If you don't get it, you don't get it
You wasn't there when I was feeding cans into the takers

They only acting like they down when it's beneficial

What a shame, just when you thought it would never change
A couple years later, now they all say your name
Back, back with that, I get it you don't understand a thing
I don't even get it myself, sometimes it's hard for me to

Breathe in [2x]

Air full of shit that I cannot pronounce
I don't even know why I'm leaving the house
So I don't, so I stay inside, so I stay inside

Lock the door, throw the key away
Throw the key away

Cover: Bones - WhatAShame
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