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Kodyak ft. Bones - Light Leaking Through lyrics

Sun leaking through the shades
Making sure I live my day
Bright light across my face
Slowly shake me out my daze
Being here is just a phase
Till the day I'm back in space
I would look around and feel just how it feels to fucking hate

Take, every time I hate
Spent it on some shit that ain't
True how I want it
Earth to looking, now is what I see
Twisting branches poking out
Willow weeping like me now
Walking tag is off this grass
Lime garden where we at

Deep drugging, creep running
Metamorphic, pop the hermit
Keep talking, we are the watchers of the planet
Burning, self sustaining, fuck complaining
Now I see what I need, and gain it
Take me to chlorella, I feel better
Now my blood behaving

Watch me settle, hit the kettle
Sleepy tea and blunts to thread 'em
All together, double's better
So you know I back to back
I'm way to cash, to ever back
And we stay far away from that shit
Please don't give us satisfaction
You light up with every click

Cover: Kodyak ft. Bones - Light Leaking Through
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