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Bones - SadlyThatsJustTheWayThingsAre lyrics

Everyday they're getting older
More worried bout looking 'younger
It's a patternized cycle, show your face with every slumber
It's equivalent to being full and longing for the hunger
Guess it only takes 9 months to build a life of suffering
Money's not enough for them, just waking up's enough for me
Told 'em how I felt and then we sat uncomfortably
It's up to me, one of them said
If you think you can't, well, it's all in your head

As I shut the front door behind me
For the first time, I’ve come out of hiding
And the light's so bright
For a second I'm blind
I can't see the city, I can't see the cars
For a second I'm fine
Cover: Bones - SadlyThatsJustTheWayThingsAre
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