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Bones - TimeshareCondominium lyrics

Steppin' out the crib like it's 1986
T-top Trans Am, ridin' with your bitch
Take her to the point, drive her back off in the morning
Just a young fuckin' stud, flick my hair then I'm rollin'

I got drugs if you want to feel the high
Backwoods if you want to kiss the sky
Perfect mowed lawns, architecture, no flaws
Just a calm, safe neighborhood, tucked behind the mall
Parents go to work, probably think that I'm at school
But the music's got into me and it took away my soul
I just want to rock, headbanging to the 'knot
Bitch I Bawitdaba, never callin' it off
Never fallin' at all, never worry 'bout a thing
Everything is just peaches, I'm smokin' in the breeze
Sittin' in the shade underneath the weepin' willow
Blunt guts on the grass, unravelling cigarillos
And I think

Now this is really nice
Breathin' in the dope, watching clouds roll by
This can't be real life
Everything's a dream, I don't need to shut my eyes
Now this is really nice
Drugs on fire, cold water on ice
This can't be real life
Look me in my eyes, tell me that you'll stay tonight

Cover: Bones - TimeshareCondominium
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  • 2014

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