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Bones & Dylan Ross - DancePetuniaDance lyrics

Sometimes I feel like all I really do is whine
I wait and wait just waiting for the time I wait the last time
The last time
I looked into the mirror then I made my decisions
As it was written
I walked into the hallway and I knew I was finished
Now I can finally catch some Z's with you

Got a job, go make you some money
It's not a lot but I think that it's funny that
Somehow life was better when we were broke

From the place where they died just for fun
Huffing two stroke rags smoking K2 blunts
Young dumbfuck
Came from sticks and lifted trucks
You said I could go home but the house too fucked
Everything changed, day I stepped up on the plains
See the tree up in the back
And now I'm even feeling the shade
Smoke escape the room when the windows lifted up
Where the kids go missing and the parents never look
Chained to the drugs and they never get enough
Now I'm looking all around like this ain't how I grew up
I see the world in front of me as someone I don't trust
So do not waste no air on me
No, I'm not in a rut
But I love to see you bust like the robot you've become
Never running from yourself
Know you only running from
Treat you how I want
From the day you say you want it
Bones look you in the eyes and separate you from your lovers
I've been patient, quietly waiting
For my time to rule for days
I got some much anger I just don't know where it came from
Sky turns black, clouds appear and then the rain come
Simple sight for symbolizing death when the team come

Cover: Bones & Dylan Ross - DancePetuniaDance
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