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Bones - TheCafeteria lyrics

(Congratulations, you won)

Propane pipe bombs
Flash like Nikons
Young dead suicidal superstar icon
I make them nervous like the image of me lurkin'
In the halls with the weapon, only purpose is to murder

Now you didn't mean it
You tell me you were kiddin'
Read the plans in my notebook and see why I did it
Two hours 'fore the cops come
In, now it's locked down
Everybody runnin' like some fiends when the cops round

Smokin' in my trench coat
Waitin' for my next go
Water comin' down from the sprinklers on my neck, froze
Let's go, next door
Then the cafeteria
My mind is in a trance, my ears are locked out, I am not hearin' ya'

I'm feelin' somethin' like Eric
But I'm lookin' just like Dylan
Just another white trash kid with his mind battled
All he ever wanted to do was kill him
These boys act tough till they ribs erupt
Leave your body in the library next to your favourite book


I don't like you (you) [2x]
I'll give you to the count of ten
For you to start running again
We just could've been friends
But you decided to hurt me
Decided to hurt me [8x]

Cover: Bones - TheCafeteria
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